Robert W. Ross Building Contractor, Inc.

Spring Prairie McDonalds


  1. Project time line, from permit to occupancy was only 98 days!
  2. Structural Drawings did not match architectural drawings.
  3. Working with Corporation Management, Architects and Engineers from out of state.
  4. Longer lead times on some equipment and materials.
  5. Coordination of multiple trades on the site simultaneously.


  1. Laid out the schedule ahead of time to communicate expectations to trades and to the owners, architects, and employees. We also used this schedule to determine lead time on materials and equipment.
  2. Daily phone calls, conversations and emails to all parties to maintain schedule.
  3. Pre-built walls and set in one day in order to shorten the build out time.
  4. Utilizing trades that we recognize for their quality , workmanship, reliability, safety and “team” mentality.
  5. Talking with our trades to glean ideas for shortening lead times and coordinating work between trades so the project ran smoothly.

Unique features – New McDonalds design, best seen through pictures . . .