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Moore Hearing

In 2003, Dr. Stacia Moore started Moore Hearing in an 800 square-foot office in Village Plaza that was, according to Moore, “a really good fit at the start.” By 2008, however, ‘cozy’ had quickly become cramped.

This was due to the fact that Dr. Moore and her friendly staff offer a wide range of services, inclyding hearing evaluations, hearing instrucment repair, middle ear analysis, affordable hearing aids, ear molds, swim plugs and noise plugs, custom electronic hunting and shooting protection and cover virtually all facets of hearing car.

“We grew rapidly; we had bigger size needs and we grew in patient care. We saw a 30% to 40% growth every year.”

When Moore and her husband purchased the 2,400 square-foot building that is now the new Moore Hearing, she was skeptical; the building was in tough shape.

Her husband assured her that, “[The building] has really good bones, easy access and great parking.”

These attributes are essential for Moore’s patient base; she was sold.

The Moores called on Bob Helder and Susan Dykhuizen of Robert W. Ross Building Contractor Inv. for the remodel.

“Without them, this wouldn’t have been a fun, rewarding, timely project. A builder can make or break a project. We thought [Bob and Sue] really helped to identify solidify and make this come to fruition.

“We saved throusands of dollars on things we didn’t know we didn’t need to change, and when they pointed out something that did need to happen, I trusted them,” explains Moore.

Moore describes how polishing up this dilapidated building was no small task.

“Knocking out a few walls” quickly became, “gutting it out to the studs.”

Says Moore with a laugh, “I did a lot of the demolition myself; it was a lot of fun.”

Bob Helder of Robert W. Ross Building echoes this sentiment.

“The project was a lot of fun, it really built friendships. There was a lot of laughter and creativity….saying, “How are we going to take this 70’s piece of work and turn it into an office that really fits Stacia’s patients?”

Moore envisioned a new office that was, “contemporary yet comfortable.”

“No one likes coming to the doctor, and we try to make it as pleasing as possible. That wasn’t going to happen in a 40-year-old building.”

Thus began the research. Moore studied up on what other clinics were oing with their interiors, which colors were comfortable and pleasing instead of harsh and clinical.

She worked with a lighting designer and hung thick tapestries instead of framed pictures.

Tapestries help to absorb sound and are less reverberant, which creates a better environment for someone with hearing loss.

Windoes brighten the office and an inviting front counter welcomes people in. Just a step out the back door is a patio where patients can test their hearing aids in a natural environment, listening for the bark of a dog or a passing car.

“I wanted this to be a comfortable place for people to come. With hearing care, there is a lot of follow-up involved. If it’s a place you’re coming to a lot, you need to be comfortable,” says Moore.

She also maintains that a, “happy staff means happy patients.”

Hence, the basement lounge in Moore hearing resembles a cozy apartment more than it does an employee break room.

Looking back on the two years that have passed since the renovation, Moore is happy with her new office.

“We are better able to handle a more efficient flow, we can see multiple patients at one time. The waiting room is larger, the staff is happier and we have the ability to put patients in real-life hearing situations by using the patio, which means we can address more real-life hearing issues.”

As for those at Robert W. Ross Building, Moore was quick to label herself a happy client.

“I would never work with anyone else except Robert Ross construction. Everyone, the owners, the trades they chose, the on-site supervisor… they were all incredible.”

In a newly renovated building that feels more like a home than an office, Dr. Moore notices a happier staff and more comfortable patients.

“My only regret is not having done it sooner. It was a positive move, and I get such a positive response from my patients.”

Moore Hearing PC is located at 10 Three Mile Drive in Kalispell, and can be reached at 257-2273.

Robert W. Ross Building Contractor Inc is located at 1079 U.S. 2 West in Kalispell, and can be reached at 257-5550.